As the University Program Liaison, Ruth M. DeBar, BCBA-D, LBA(NY) compiled this information. She and NJABA would like to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out with your ideas, questions, and more.

Within this section, you can expect to find:

NJ Academic Programs and VCS

There are nine (9) NJ colleges and universities that offer Verified Coursework Sequences (VCS) in behavior analysis. Online and hybrid programs that offer campus- and online-based learning are also available.

Note: The BACB VCS status or logo is not a seal of quality, but rather indicates that select courses meet the minimum number of courses for BACB certification eligibility. 


For more information and a list of programs, visit the Verified Coursework Sequence Programs of the Association for Behavior Analysis International.

For information about the requirements for certification, visit Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Student Achievements

It is our intention to share student achievements from across the state. Please let us know about your/their work and impact by emailing!