Business Practices



+ - How should I structure my business as a legal entity?

Before you register your business you’ll need to consider how you wish to structure your business as a legal entity; whichever structure is right for you will determine further registration requirements. If you decide to create a corporation, a non-profit, an LLC or a partnership, you will have to register your business and file certain documents with your state government. If you are operating as a sole proprietorship, you don’t need to register your business with your state. However, if you choose to operate your business under any other name than your own, you will need to formally file your trade name or “Doing Business As” (DBA) name with your state.

+ - How do I register my business name?

If you choose to name your business under a trade name – for example ‘Number One Autism Services’ – you cannot operate that business under that name until it is officially registered with your state government. Until then, the legal name of your business essentially defaults to your given name. New Jersey residents: all the information needed to register your business.

+ - How do I register with the IRS and get a Federal Tax ID/EIN?

This won’t apply to all new businesses, but if you have employees, any business partnerships, are a corporation or other organization, you’ll need an Employer Identification Number (EIN). To obtain more information, read the EIN section of the IRS website. If you don’t need an EIN, you can simply use your Social Security Number to administer your business finances.

+ - How do I register with my state tax or revenue office?

As well as a federal tax ID, you’ll need to pay state and local taxes – although each region has its own laws. As a rule, you’ll need to register your business with your state’s revenue office. As a business operator, you’ll also need to comply with state income tax and employment laws. Obtain more information on state tax registration requirements.

+ - How do I obtain professional liability insurance?

Both Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA) and Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) members can receive discounts on professional liability insurance.
APBA – CPH & Associates offers liability insurance for BCBAs, BCaBAs, and students in accredited programs who are completing practica towards degree requirements; blanket policies that colleges and universities can purchase to cover students in their programs; and group policies that service agencies can purchase to cover paraprofessionals who implement intervention plans under the supervision of BCBAs.
• APBA members can receive a discount on insurance policies from this company. To get the discount, you must select “APBA Member” from the menu of professional associations in the online application and be a member in good standing of APBA. The administration fee shown in the price quote will then be $10 rather than $20. An additional 5% discount is available on policies purchased online.
• For rate estimates and an application, contact CPH & Associates.

ABAI is pleased to provide access to competitively-priced, professional liability insurance in the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec). Also known as Errors and Omissions or Professional Indemnity, this insurance provides coverage against a valid claim, or the co-defense, made against you for professional negligence, error, or omission in your business practice.

• If you reside outside the U.S., ABAI’s partner, Wells Fargo Insurance Services, will provide you with a reference to obtain professional liability insurance in your country.

• For rate estimates and an application, contact ABAI.

+ - How do I apply for an NPI number?

NPI number is the National Provider Identifier.  There are two types individual and organization.  Any provider billing health insurance companies must have an NPI number.  To obtain an NPI number go to

Always apply for an individual NPI number, sole proprietors will use your social security number. If you are establishing a LLC, partnership, or corporation, also apply for an NPI for the group using the company EIN number.

+ - I heard there are new CPT codes for “adaptive behavior services” services beginning January 1, 2019. Where can I learn more?